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The nature of a fire creates special problems worthy of comprehensive treatment. American Technologies, Inc. has the trained personnel and equipment to handle all aspects of fire damage, large or small.

Fire losses must be handled with special care since many types of materials can fuel a fire. Large amounts of water are required to extinguish the blaze, thus introducing concerns of corrosion, mold, and mildew growth. 

Fire Damage Restoration

After fire or smoke damage occurs, many conditions need to be addressed immediately. The procedures involved following a fire loss are:

  • Debris removal
  • Onsite dry down
  • HVAC Cleaning
  • On-location and off-location contents cleaning
  • Structural reconstruction

Debris Removal

Depending on the severity of the fire damage, debris removal is the first step in remediating a fire loss. American Technologies, Inc. will conduct debris removal and some initial deodorization to gear up for the rest of the remediation project that will follow.

Drying Out Water Damage

ATI is prepared to handle the water and moisture that lingers after a fire is put out. Depending on the condition of the property damage, if it is safe to do so, a thorough dry down of the area will be initiated for mold prevention, to halt mildew growth, and prepare for the next step of the fire damage restoration.

Deodorization and Cleaning

Most fire-affected buildings and their contents show evidence of severe soot fallout and contamination, as well as a lingering odor that must be treated professionally. Extensive cleaning of the facility’s HVAC system, furniture contents, walls, and fixtures is necessary to avoid exposure to lingering particulate and smoke that can irritate the eyes and throat. To properly remediate these conditions, we remove odor from the area and clean remaining contents, plus the main air heating and exhaust systems (HVAC).

Electronics Recovery

Proper handling of electronics is critical to preventing corrosion and particulate interferences. Our trained electronics restoration personnel will carefully inspect each piece to replace parts and perform maintenance and calibration as necessary. 

Structural Reconstruction Services

We are equipped to handle full reconstruction of a burned-out building. As a crucial part of almost every recovery process, reconstruction is included under our umbrella of services. Our regional in-house cabinet shops handle all cabinetry and millwork jobs with skill and craftsmanship, and our team of in-house carpenters assists with installation and on-site finish work.