ATI Restoration


Hospital and Medical Reconstruction Specialists

You can count on ATI to put your patients' and clients' safety first, all while meeting the most stringent requirements of today's healthcare industry. With dedicated and professionally trained personnel in the latest technology and experienced management, ATI is well placed to provide services at the highest level.

ATI technicians who operate in the Health Science Services are suitably trained and instructed using the appropriate site and national industry standards and requirements. This may include CDC guidelines, site specific SOPs, State & Federal requirements, as well as training including HAZWOPER, and/or Bio-hazard and HIPPA.

Our healthcare services include:


Installation of temporary barriers (Fire Rated or Non-Rated Walls) to maintain

Operations, Dust Control, and Infection Control, including features such as:

  • Anti-rooms for donning and doffing PPE
  • Isolated hallway outside the patient room(s)
  • Installation of engineering controls equipped with portable NegAir Filtration Unit(s)
  • Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste collection and packaging to DOT requirements
  • Monitoring and maintenance in accordance with ICRA standards


All containment barrier surfaces, as well as patient rooms, may be bio-decontaminated using EPA registered agents, with supplementary onsite validation. This includes market leading technologies such as UV (ultraviolet light) and Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) gas generators.

Disaster Recovery

  • 24-Hour Water/Fire Emergency Response/ Disaster Recovery
  • Asbestos/Lead, Humidity/Moisture Control, Microbial and Bio-Hazard remediation
  • State of the art ICRA barrier containment systems, in full compliance with today’s strict regulatory requirements
  • Improved indoor air quality (IAQ) - HVAC duct cleaning and sanitization, as well as kitchen fume hood cleaning
  • High level disinfection, including post construction clean-up, USP 797 compliance, discharge cleaning and critical area bio-decontamination, independently verified, where necessary.

Make Sure your Facilities are Prepared for a Quick Recovery

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